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About Me

For more than 35 years, I have been fascinated by holistic health. My passion: to recreate the state of balance necessary for happiness, to promote harmony in all dimensions of life. I use medicinal plants, food, ritualized work, movement, Biodanza, massage, visualization and meditation as tools for transformation.  

I am an accredited herbalist-therapist (HTA), practitioner in the TRAGER ᴹᴰ approach, facilitator-didact of Biodanza and trainer in energy care. I am also the founder of Unis pour Prosperer  and the heart-orderer of the School of Biodanza SRT Montreal and Southwestern Quebec .

In 2021, with my allies from the Biodanza Association of Canada, we defined BIOCENTRIC CULTURE (french only), which makes sense to many of us.


For me, it has become essential to nurture this vision and this possibility at the heart of my daily life, in my gestures, my thoughts, my communications and through all my relationships.

"...We mean by biocentric culture, a culture whose principles are anchored in the laws of life. It proposes to leave the anthropocentric vision to put life at the center and to consider the human being as part of a whole larger than itself: the Living. Biocentric culture is based on values of solidarity and empathy. It values healthy communication, inclusion, respect, qualification and cooperation... allows the deployment of Affective intelligence that generates a human ecology of the relationship..."

By clicking the following links to access the full text (french only) and audio of my reading:  

Finally, I am proud to present to you my most recent achievement as the author of the book  Happiness Health Wisdom , 10 keys for life  also available in French Happy Healthy and Wise, 10 keys for life .

Culture Biocentrique
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My Book


With this book, I offer you 10 essential keys that promote wellness on a daily basis.

Gift Idea

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My Services

I invite you to discover this joyful and rhythmic setting in motion, this mode of expression and self-deployment that promotes and stimulates the deep motivation to live.


Within the group, I offer you a benevolent space that gives you permission to simply be yourself. 


The next Biodanza session will start atSt-Tite, in Mauricie, inl'Amouricie Mondays every 2 weeks at 7 p.m.,from January 9, 2023.

On the theme of:  


I'm really looking forward to living these moments in your presence and together we're going to create a group where it's good to meet every two weeks and who knows...

every week thereafter. 

To joy!

To register and receive the address, 
Genevieve Sirois

Didact facilitator

514 995-0797

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Contribution suggérée

Entre 20$ et 25$ par soirée ; Session de 7, entre 105$ et 140$

La contribution consciente est toujours bienvenue!

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