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Biodanza is a development process of the wholeness of the human being


  • The methodology of Biodanza is mainly based on the participation in weekly courses. 

  • The BIODANZA uses a set of dances and exercises to music, bringing out the natural movements of life itself that rehabilitate the vital impulse and the joy of living.

  • Practicing Biodanza on a regular basis promotes the overall development of the human being, cultivates self-esteem, expression, calm and serenity.

  • To learn more about Biodanza, visit the site of BIODANZA CANADA

biodanza (2).jpg

I invite you to discover this joyful and rhythmic movement, this mode of expression and development that uses a set of exercises and dances to music within a group.

Come and dance intensely under the theme Discover Biodanza and vibrate life!  Welcome to all the encounters because they are unique and different every time!

Geneviève Sirois

Didactic facilitator

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