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Biodanza is a development process of the wholeness of the human being

  • The methodology of Biodanza is mainly based on the participation in weekly courses. 

  • The BIODANZA uses a set of dances and exercises to music, bringing out the natural movements of life itself that rehabilitate the vital impulse and the joy of living.

  • Practicing Biodanza on a regular basis promotes the overall development of the human being, cultivates self-esteem, expression, calm and serenity.

  • To learn more about Biodanza, visit the site of BIODANZA CANADA

ecole biodanza mtl 5.jpg

I invite you to discover this joyful and rhythmic setting in motion, this mode of expression and self-deployment that promotes and stimulates the deep motivation to live.


Within the group, I offer you a benevolent space that gives you permission to simply be yourself. 


The next Biodanza session will start atSt-Tite, in Mauricie, inl'Amouricie Mondays every 2 weeks at 7 p.m.,from January 9, 2023.

On the theme of:  


I'm really looking forward to living these moments in your presence and together we're going to create a group where it's good to meet every two weeks and who knows...

every week thereafter. 

To joy!

To register and receive the address, 
Genevieve Sirois

Didact facilitator

514 995-0797


Contribution suggérée

Entre 20$ et 25$ par soirée ; Session de 7, entre 105$ et 140$

La contribution consciente est toujours bienvenue!

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Celebrating the Solstice - In the heart of the night emerges the light
Thematic evening in Saint-Tite facilitated by Geneviève Sirois, on WednesdaysDecember 21, 2022, to 19h

I invite you to celebrate with us the transition to the winter season which at the same time calls for more Light at the heart of Life. Biodanza offers an opportunity to intensely feel the simple happiness of the experience of living, without needing to know how to dance.  It's touching and so wonderful!

Book with Geneviève

514.995.0797 /

Suggested contribution Between $20 and $25 per evening

Conscious input is always welcome!

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Let's sow the year together
Thematic day in Saint-Tite, MondayJanuary 2, 2023, from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.

It is with joy in our hearts that Réal and I invite you to share a day at the start of 2023 to dream of our possible future.

Welcome at 1:00 p.m. to settle down with our image magazines and create a personal collage with a question that will allow us to sow and see on the horizon, our desires and aspirations that may still be well asleep.

5 p.m. Vivencia de Biodanza

7:00 p.m. Pot-Luck meal, which invites you to bring food to share.

Book with Geneviève

514.995.0797 /

Conscious contribution

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