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Yoga à la maison

Power and Benefits of Universal Energy

Energy Care Training

  • Learn how to use the healing energy through CHAKRAS

  • Learn how to connect to this life force, this inexhaustible source that animates all living beings.

  • Become a clear channel and let this regenerative energy flow freely and abundantly.

  • Learn how to channel healing energy for yourself and others, directly or at a distance, through 5-minute meditations.

  • Act on any emergency situation

  • Free us from any situation that prevents us from living a full life.

  • Simple and effective technique

  • Accessible in 16 hours

Coming in 2022

Duration of the course:

  • 4 meetings spread over three consecutive weeks at a rate of approximately 4 hours per meeting


  • To be determined

Flat rate (16 hours of lessons):

  • $ 495 per person (educational material included)


  • Mauricie Region, or Montreal Region


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