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Learn how to maximize your health potential by discovering your body through a better understanding of the major systems that constitute it. Discover the secrets of several medicinal plants that encourage a return of balance and physiological harmony. Integrate the simple and positive principles of healthy way of nutrition.

Rediscover the pleasure and benefits of getting your body moving. Multiply the opportunities to manifest yourself in your beauty, uniqueness and magnificence. Reaffirm your choice to live an intense, happy and meaningful life, using all your senses, strengths and potential. Find this innate wisdom that knows the way to health and happiness... You already hold the keys to it.

For over 35 years, Geneviève Sirois has been fascinated by holistic health. Her passion: recreating the state of balance necessary for happiness, promoting harmony in all dimensions of life. She uses medicinal plants, nutrition, ritualized work, visualization and meditation as tools of transformation. This book is the fruit of all her years of research, exploration, experimentation and reflection.

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