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New Lunar Calendar

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Lunar Calendar 2022-2023 (February 1, 2022 to January 20, 2023) will be available on Monday, December 20.

It is the result of the inspired collaboration of Maira Martinez and Geneviève Sirois and a collective work through the realization of collages of our circle of women.

This wonderful tool awakens in me: hope, a sense of the sacred in the heart of ordinary daily life, the inspiration to recreate myself every second...

In addition to the inspiration it offers through the beauty of the collage and the oracle, specific to each month, the CREEA lunar calendar gives us a wealth of information related to the Moon's cycles of growth and waning and its movement in the zodiac wheel.

I hope this calendar will bring good and beautiful to your life.


You can get it:

On the Unis pour Prospérer online store:

Via Geneviève Sirois, 514.995.0797 delivered directly to your home for an additional $6

In Montreal

Via Manon Paradis, massage therapist: / 514.759.9297

At the Alchimiste en Herbe at 4567 R. Saint-Denis, Montreal.

In December 2021, via Maira Martinez, Biodanza facilitator: / 514.797-0474

And in Quebec City

Via Brigitte Lafleur, Biodanza facilitator: / 418.529.5428

Via Capucine Chartrand, herbalist therapist: / 418.660.4628

In Val-David

Via Lissa Guilbault, massage therapist and yoga teacher / 819.322.3138

In Europe

Delphine Gérard, / +32 496 72 89 72

If you want to become a distributor, contact Geneviève Sirois. / 514.995.0797

I send you my thoughts of Love and Peace from my deep heart. May your life path light up. Find all kinds of ways to celebrate the return of the LIGHT and to nourish your connection to life. Enjoy every moment of sharing. Cultivate unity and deep listening within yourself and with all your relationships.

Take good care of yourself and look forward to the joy of reconnecting!


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